"METAPHYSICS: A Branch of Philosophy That Deals With 'First Cause' and 'The Nature of Being'"


A Dissemination of The Truth,
as reasonable an account as may be considered
from the limiting physical perspective.

Many of you have no doubt heard the phrase; “we are spiritual beings, having physical experiences.” This takes some “out-side-the-box” thinking for most, even if they’ve heard it before, even if they think they understand it. The difficulty we have with grasping the depth of this truism lies in the fact we rely almost exclusively on our physical senses to provide all the information we need to form an opinion or view point about the world and the people around us. Additionally, we’ve been raised to think of “numero uno”. Look out for number one first. Not that this common refrain is entirely misplaced, for it did have a valid place in our survival for a hundred-thousand years or more. For the last two-thousand or so however, many have been trying to conform their way of thinking and behaving to the example and teaching of the Christ Spirit as manifested in Jesus. In fact, every culture of the world has a predominant theology suited to their general and specific spiritual goals and expectations. Each of these varied World Religions follow a “way-shower/savior” whose doctrines and tenets, teachings and examples mirror those of Christ, or visa versa since some predate the advent of Christianity.

The correlation evidenced between diverse peoples with no related histories should come as no surprise to any who embrace the fundamental truth of; One God. Particularly, the occultist.

The primary reason followers of any faith and in this example, those who call themselves Christians, don’t just adopt or become what is believed to be the ideal behavior––the embodiment of unconditional love and the inclusiveness that defines “unconditional”––as lived and taught by Christ Jesus, is because we can’t break the habit of putting ourselves––number one––first!

If it were easy to be “Christ-like” we, as the spiritual beings we are, would have no reason to go through the physical experiences provided us through reincarnation. We would not need to confine ourselves in the physical vehicles we put on each time we leave the freedom our realm of spirituality represents to reenter the restrictions imposed by the world of material thought. By way of our repeated embodiments at widely disparate times throughout history, under vastly different circumstances and cultures, in both male and female roles we learn the invaluable lessons only found in the material/physical world.

It is that very experience, and all the combined variables that it includes, which give us every opportunity to grow, advance as it were, spiritually, toward that ideal which will return us, as spiritual beings, back to the at-one-ment that identifies us as one with God!

We’ve got to drop the “what’s in it for me?” attitude and accept one of selfless service. Again, if it were easy, we wouldn’t need to be here. What’s stopping us from doing the right thing, from putting everyone else first, from not thinking of our own needs? US, of course.

We are so fixated on our physical or worldly accomplishments, possessions, comforts, deeds and needs that we haven’t taken the steps necessary to cultivate the insight that would show us the true nature of our spiritual origins.

More importantly, why we’re going from where we’re at on our spiritual journey, to the point where we no longer need to return to the unnatural confinement of space and time in the physical world, will become more focused once our origins and spiritual goals are clear. How do we––as spiritual beings––get from here, to there?

Ready or not, that's next.

On July 31, 2005 I inaugurated a blog (http://thehighwatch9.blogspot.com/) for the release of a manuscript named; "THE HIGH WATCH, a View of God’s Unfolding Divine Plan".

Over a period of nearly ten years before that, the 66,000+ words of THE HIGH WATCH spilled from the ends of my fingers (mostly just two of them) at the speed of a glacier.

On August 27, the Preface, Table of Contents and first chapter of THE HIGH WATCH was posted on that blog. The plan was, every twenty-seven days thereafter an additional chapter will be posted. That promise held true through the remaining four chapters that completed PART I. However……

… Jan. 8th, 2006, on what should have been the posting date for Chapter 6 and the beginning of PART II, that promise fell by the wayside and thereafter remained broken. As of 5:41 p.m. EST on that date, in the interest continuity, every chapter of "THE HIGH WATCH, a View of God's Unfolding Divine Plan" was made available by way of its side bar and footer links.

Since October, 2006, as is evident in the side bar link; “CLICK HERE:……”, the book has been available as a single, 207 page 512 KB, PDF document free for the asking.

Having asked, consider yourself the one who's been waiting for its release.