"METAPHYSICS: A Branch of Philosophy That Deals With 'First Cause' and 'The Nature of Being'"



It bears repeating; faith is essential for our return to at-one-ment in as much as it’s the mainstay to our understanding the dissemination, through revelation, between eternity and all physical experience. That said, even those who continue to dwell in the confusion of their personal agenda are an important part of the Divine Plan, though they have yet to seek the peace faith brings, they are being of service––thereby advancing on their own path––by offering the faithful, avenues of serving and caring in ways that are unavailable otherwise. Besides, judgment isn’t part of our curriculum anyhow, it’s just another obstacle to be put behind us. So everyone, regardless of appearance, or behavior, or level of awareness, has a part in the eternal “oneness”. None are overlooked or left out. That’s what “unconditional” means. Furthermore, the unconditional love faith filled believers endeavor to manifest, is not lessened to any degree because of a disability or illness they may be living with, no matter how profound. These are conditions of the physical, opportunities placed on our path to overcome so that we may grow spiritually. We are, after all, spiritual beings having physical experiences (not physical beings having spiritual experiences as many still choose to believe) and the events incidental to each experience is purely for our astute eruditeness toward a higher spiritual life. No more, no less. The “hard life”, it would seem, drives us to keep making choices. Sooner or later, there’ll be enough “right ones” to start sowing the seeds of hope, and through reward, encourage the adoption of changes in our belief system that more closely resemble faith, in turn, increasing provision toward what will be, the “good life”; peace. We’re all moving toward the same goal, by way of the same impetus, at our own speed. It’s not a race, we’re all winners, unconditionally!

Every time we think we’ve reached a plateau of discernment, we’re reminded it’s only a step to the next level. There are challenges of acceptance and inclusion, that define; unconditional. We grow in our open-mindedness to recognize that people from all walks of life, no matter how diverse their ethnology, ideology, country of birth, or the name they use to adore The Creator. We all have but one point of origin and one destination, the at-one-ment of eternity. Becoming aware that the afore mentioned “symptoms” of physicality, and many more yet to be revealed, are no more than our assignments in the continuing education that is reincarnation, is a level of discernment making clearer what was eluded to much earlier; it is our nature to establish long lasting familial relationships. This has been the case since our ancestors, before ego’s emergence, moved and thought as one, under the umbrella of a clan spirit or pack mentality. This tendency, though blurred in the physical by ego’s “self”, and its attempts at independence, as well as judgmental carnality, persists in eternity as the legacy of our beginnings and manifests as what believers are coming to accept as “soul mates”. This connotation has both positive and negative impacts in the physical, depending on the level of faith in our maturing belief system. In reality, it simply means that two or more souls have established lingering ties of close association, whereby their incarnate experiences relate to each other time after time. The worldly proximity of that association may begin immediately upon birth, and last a lifetime, or be of an occasional nature of intermittent duration such as close friendships or distant family members, or perhaps just a single, yet life altering contact in passing. Naturally, we go through every incarnation with an infinite number of encounters similar to these that do not qualify as soul mates, but in the cases of those very rare and few that do, we recognize a familiarity, or comfort zone, that allows the parties involved to feel at ease in a way that seems safe and secure simply to be in each other’s company. It’s an immersing of the senses in an atmosphere of total acceptance and knowing that, all is well. We’re able to relax, be ourselves, let our guard down and feel right at home in the sanctuary of their nearness. Sharing thoughts and preferences as if “having known each other for ever”, often seeming so familiar, we know what the other is going to say almost before they utter a word, finishing each other’s thought or sentence. Such relationships are a welcome respite from the confusion of our daily routines and go a long way toward recuperation at the end of a particularly challenging period. Clearly, that rejuvenation applies whether the point of reference is one day in our life or the return to eternity between incarnations. A restoration of energy and reflective assimilation, is the objective in either instance. Consorting in the strifeless affinity and comfort of intimates, accomplishes that end most succinctly.

The pertinence of these kindred relations may vary so widely from one interaction to the next, the common beneficial experiences could appear to be reciprocal. For example, not uncommonly, roles may be reversed between family members from one incarnate experience to the next. That is to say, relations between members of a family unit who repeatedly return together, may be biologically different during one regeneration than they were the time before or than they will be the next time. In case it’s not quite clear enough yet, associates who are siblings during one manifestation may find themselves to be in the role of parent/offspring during the next, or vice versa, depending on the lessons whose overcoming have become priority on the interwoven paths of such cliquish souls. Likewise, again dependent on the challenges ahead, it’s not always appropriate to be the same gender during each and every embodiment. Such “cross training”, if you will, assures experiences of the widest possible range, in addition to offering unique demands in and of itself, as far as personal identity reversals can impact an individual’s self image. The broad understanding garnered from incarnate gender shifting is crucial in shaping a belief system that exhorts empathy, compassion and love. Considering all the alternative role designations available to group, or even a pair of soul mates––who have more than a few times shared much of what life’s experiences have to offer––it’s no small wonder that some of the couplings and mixes witnessed in the physical are widely judged (usually by those who should know better than to judge at all) to be something outside their narrow interpretation of ordinary or moral.

As if our sensibilities haven’t been engaged enough, consider this additional facet justifying reincarnation’s basis in the eternal Divine Design. The fidelity among family and friends seen to endure throughout repeated incarnations aren’t the only common threads eternally binding us. Vocations that fulfill a creative need and provide financial support are blessings we are all prescribed and guided to pursue. When the opportunity presents itself for us to find a specific task or past time particularly rewarding (however that might be translated), the tendency is to practice it more than other pursuits that don’t fulfill us in the same way. Consequently, our abilities in that area improve compared to those not receiving similar attention. The degree to which our enthusiasm is stimulated by being involved in an activity is proportionate to its perceived reward. When we’re interested enough to be preoccupied––particularly in the details––in that to which we aspire and to the extent it could be considered a “driving force” or priority in our life, then our focus becomes strong enough to carry that singular interest from one incarnation to the next. Additionally, if, by the right choices, it turns into a widely beneficial and productive pursuit, we will be Divinely Guided to opportunities promoting our further interest in its regard. Once this “talent” or “gift” represents a “calling” on our path, our reason for “being” grows increasingly vivid, occupying us with a passion that only creative expression can satiate, thereby allowing Divinity, through Its perfect demonstration, to utilize us for the benefit of all.

All that accrued personal ability, of course, would be perfectly clear from the perspective of eternity. Since such clarity isn’t a luxury afforded us in physicality, what’s perceived as a proclivity to exceptional talent, especially at an unexpectedly early age, confounds the materially rooted population because it often appears to materialize with little or no obvious formal training and, at times, seems to require only a minimum of attention before proficiency surpasses that of the instructor, unless student and instructor are mated through eternity. In either case, since the steps normally associated to the learning process have stretched over many embodiments, countless opportunities have presented themselves to hone any ability or prospective talent under every possible circumstance, adapting and refining techniques to suit every imaginable situation, becoming more sophisticated with each additional return to the physical. Many contemporaries may struggle through rigorous practice regimens daily and still fall far short of the same level of skill that seems to come with no effort to the one who was a master of it many lifetimes earlier!

The character trait described as a talent or gift applies to an aspect of the Divine Plan in our lives that permits, by our unselfish practice of it, an expression of The Creator God Himself to manifest an affect among the multitudes in ways that would find the most uplifting, positive, deeply moving and longest lasting results. Dancer, singer, actor or sports figure, painter, craftsperson or any of those among the infinite new disciplines of science and medicine that are expanding our horizons of understanding both outward and inward, finding ever more intricacy in the questions that are the solutions performing seemingly miraculous strides to improve our quality and duration of life, enhancing and empowering our physical experiences while we’re here, so that we may have even more chances to grow and advance spiritually. All those who soothe and heal us, who entertain us, who touch the depths of our being to enrich, enlighten and enable us, do so by the power of the most Divine working through them, using their longevity of experience and surrender of will, to touch us with perfect love. It would appear to some, and not incorrectly either, that the property of creativeness we define as gifted relegates all those souls, (who are sufficiently along their path to have surrendered a satisfactory portion of their will so the whole may be better served in the pursuit of “oneness”), with the designation “artist”, without regard to the manner in which their expression manifests. Whether seen as a virtuoso, a maestro, a record setting legend, a baron of the business world, a surgeon of unequaled skill; all represent, as far as our current lucidity is capable anyhow, the creativeness we call here “artistic”. Their grasp, their depth of understanding, their exclusive proficiency in their specifically chosen expression is personified in the format of inventiveness by excelling, not just beyond the established “norm” of their particular venue or medium, but to a degree that takes their already exemplary ministration outside that box, in turn, reshaping the rules with a creativeness that changes the way everyone still bound by that box, thinks and acts.

Not to forget the men and women who, by virtue of abandoning box-like thinking altogether, have reached the pinnacle, if you will, of adeptness at receiving guidance––al-beit without cognizance for the most part––from those of like interests (some family, some not) who have passed, bring onto the physical world objects and ideas that change our way of living, working and thinking, by leaps and bounds. Such inventors, many very prolific, have the “gift” of grasping seed thought from its eternal garden where it rests until “time” is ripe for its germination, at which point it is implanted in the mind of that individual for its nurturing and subsequent growth into a concept or product that will change the course of society in just exactly the way it needed.

It should be no surprise that artistic expression and soul mates find common purpose on the Divine Path. The familial bond is more often than not enhanced by the shared or related interests of its associates and is usually a part of their combined incarnate lifestyle. Whether a family business, following in the footsteps, career wise, or being gifted in the same specific course of action, it’s not at all difficult to imagine numerous examples around us meeting at least some of the criteria by which we can qualify a soul mate relationship.

So far what we’ve examined is that the love binding us on the material level extends to the eternal, when in essence it’s the other way around. Remember, after all, we are spiritual beings, having physical experiences, making everything in physicality supported by its spiritual framework. The carnate world would not exist except for eternity. Nothing comes to pass, or finds expression, without first being conceived of in the spiritual. So it is with life and love. The love we embrace as such a vital part of our well being is not related to our emotions or physical senses, it has nothing to do with gratification but everything to do with Divine Manipulation. Love is the eternal creative expression that animates the physical world. During our pursuit of the Truth, that spark of life (unique to God, Who Is Love) guides and protects us from our own self-delusions and free will culpability, as much as possible, in spite of our innate intent and in large part, ignorance of the Divine. Until––but not confined to––the point in time where our advancement empowers us to listen more than we act or react, there are protecting influences with a vested interest in our spiritual growth, such as members of our family unit not presently in the world, as well as others who perform as if shepherds to sheep, caring for us in ways exclusively suited to their perspective. Consequently, and thankfully, we are never alone and in that very real sense, always loved. Perhaps the most excellent aspect in all this perfectly orchestrated sympathetic symphony is; its melody is the eternal movement knowing no beginning or end and includes each and every one of us, whether we hear it or not! We don’t have to consciously participate, to benefit from its boundless provision. Our inclusion is unconditional!!

On the personal level of physical experiences, being included is paramount to our sense of acceptance. While in carnality, our emotions and self image place a heavy burden on those we choose to accept, to reciprocate. Knowing we can be accepted for who we are, within the guidelines of the “now”, leads to a more peaceful outlook and productive lifestyle. When we’re sure of ourselves, we don’t need to spend so much time trying to please others by meeting their unrealistic expectations. So mutual approval is comforting, welcome, sought after. This seemingly ultimate inclusion is important in any social or professional situation, but most crucial when it comes to intimate relations where communication and honesty are essential. All the attributes that make us seek out that comfort zone of acceptance, are the very same that define soul mate relationships.

For those of us shackled to the narrow perspective of the emotionally charged physical world, our ignorance of the Truth underlying such an important quest as finding our soul mate, escapes the underscoring irony; that its significance should take on the urgency justified, but only during our post pubescent years when the zest for such a search manifests as a frantic, hormonal driven, scavenger hunt, urged on by peer pressure and barren of any responsibility. Historically, our desire to be accepted outweighs our desire to be respected. Though occupying most of our waking hours during this phase of our social maturation, the approval we seek so desperately on this emotionally vested but spiritually subconscious quest, more often than not is initiated innocently by the eye contact that declares a hint of acknowledgment that, ideally, only the object of our search could reflect. Ideally, that is, because our personal agenda is rarely open to the kind of latitude that encourages spiritual advancement, especially at the emotional age when our every action is centered on establishing relationships that help define our individual identity and independence. Soul mates can literally run into each other at any place and time, under any circumstances and best of all; when we least expect it, but are most in need of it. In much the same way a revelation unfolds in our awareness, once we’ve ceased obsessing about and over-thinking all possible solutions for a given challenge, the appointed meeting of the one anointed to share our present incarnation with, not only should be, but usually is, better addressed at a time when one or the other of the pair is mature enough emotionally not to be caught up in the purely physical attraction which often rules as a prerequisite to relationships. That is not to say there can’t be sensuality and mutual satisfaction, when yielded to an evolving kinship that includes commitment to friendship and equality (or at least balance), in an eternal association, only that matters of a sexually intimate nature are of the physical experiences we, as spiritual beings, encounter and endeavor to suppress our emotional attachment to.

It’s been said every way imaginable, all through out history, and apparently accurately so; “the eyes are the windows of the soul”. It is in the eyes, that a person’s true feelings belie their superficial efforts to disguise characterizations analogous to their action’s intent or their reactions to the unexpected. What ever else empathetic believers may be coping with, with regard to their personal challenges, it is in the eyes of those who are fearful, anxious, suspicious, vulnerable and unsure of themselves, that the compassionate recognize a call to share a love, those in need may not be familiar with. In order to give them the hope necessary to advance in the direction of faith, those who are waiting for just the right impetus to turn that corner in their lives, will find the way they need to grow out of the dread they perceive themselves living in, to the rewards that faith offers, through the love of the many who have already lived through and overcome it. To be witness to such a transformation is yet another validation of our own strong belief system; that we are physical avenues for the eternal flow of that perfect love to manifest in the lives of all we come in contact with.

On the other hand, among the many relying on their emotions and instincts to survive in the world, are some who would take advantage of “reading” the eyes of others. The vulnerability and fearfulness people unwittingly display in the windows of their soul, can be used against them as easily as it can be seen as an opportunity to serve a need. Those who would ignore an obvious plea from one who imagines themselves lost and seek the advantage to serve their own purposes and desires, are the truly lost and not only the farthest from finding their way out, but the farthest from realizing it. Original instinct promotes their survival at all costs, including at the expense of others who, in extreme cases, can be seen as little more than a tool for gain, to be used and discarded. Even so, we have only to recall our definition of “unconditional”, to remind ourselves no one is out from under its umbrella and although the unscrupulous among us reject out right most of the “turn lanes” on their path, they are also being guided very patiently and with knowledge that they too will eventually see and accept The Truth, no matter how many incarnations it may take. Eternity always has the advantage. In that same light, any person placing themselves in a position to be used or abused, is doing so as part of their curriculum or task assignment, in their current embodiment. Every situation serves a purpose whose rules and possible outcomes have been delineated long before the protagonists reach the actual encounter. There are no victims or predators, no winners or losers on the Divine Path, but only in our perception of the world. It’s our perception of what we see around us that we must set aside, in order to reach out in faith toward what is unseen.

The unseen eludes us in the physical, because we rely entirely on our sensory input to tell us what, when and where to do everything. Instinct still chips in when we don’t think or act fast enough, but for the most part we perceive every aspect of our lives to be dependent on those things of the material world. To claim otherwise was long considered to be abnormal and the displaying of such behavior was shunned, or worse. So it was and has been throughout this period of materiality that our attention should be focused so narrowly, that when on the physical plain, we sense only those things comprised of the same substances we are. Getting beyond that, even convincing ourselves there’s a reason to try, is the first and arguably the biggest overcoming we face in relation to the rest of our path, because once the door to the consideration of any other possibility is open, the way is clear for considering all possibilities. To be sure, within the framework and constraints of time, the process of arriving at that point of exo-awareness can take many millennia, occupying what seems countless incarnations, but that’s just the beginning. When ego finally does decide, of its own free will, that it may not be the center of the universe after all, an impulse marking the onset of imagination is recorded and changes forever the way we look at things. Not that we are suddenly enamored with the beauty of life all around us, although some certainly are affected that way, but because with imagination comes fantasy, and to the developing ego, a run away imagination can pose as many threats as it does opportunities, which explains more than a few cases of neurosis. Many of us have enough trouble dealing with things we can grasp, our response to unknown or unexpected imaginings is often one of fear or self defense. Naturally, nothing changed about what we’re looking at, only our attitude or perception of it. The importance of that minute, almost imperceptible shift in awareness escapes us and isn’t genuinely appreciated until we stop being defensive in our comparison and judgment of what we see, by accepting others and circumstances for what they are, instead of for what they’re not. The revelation; “peace is the attitude we have about our surroundings and not about changing our surroundings to suit us”, isn’t gleaned until we’re prepared to accept accountability for our own behavior. For example, rather than blaming others and what they do, for how we feel or act, it becomes increasingly apparent through the experiences accrued during a myriad of embodiments that, we are the only ones who can control how we react to everything that happens to us. Consequently, the spiritual growth derived from peeling away the many layers of defense intended to insulate the fragile psyche from its perception that the actions of others could represent overwhelming personal threats, allows us to place the judgment our peers would wish to assume, back onto the Divinely Guided Path where it belongs.

The wonderful lessons in Truth whose discernment occupies every moment on the physical plain, can themselves seem overwhelming, especially when we struggle with apparent contradictions to their basis or benefit in relation to long held beliefs. Revelations aren’t always met with their deserved acceptance and gratitude because the belief system already in place often dismisses or ridicules them as flights of fancy or complete fiction. We insist in promoting the tireless precept, in light of all evidence to the contrary and in the most stubborn of ways, that we are in control of every aspect of our lives. Surprisingly, or not (depending on our perspective), it’s Divine Design denying us the clarity of Truth by way of our unwillingness to consider It until It fits a particular priority in our life. Even then, in what we perceive to be our own timing and only after we think It holds some meaning or value for us, do we offer any semblance of reverence and accept that a particular Truth might be worthy of our consideration. Hardly what could be defined a revelation, but that’s where most believers are. We’re so immersed in the human experiences of shallow and suspicious view points, when confronted with the simplest and clearest explanation or solution to a particular challenge, our posturing very often assumes the ubiquitous defensive position of folded arms and eye rolling skepticism. Rather than being grateful for the offer of an obvious answer to a dilemma, we focus on complicating our mind’s construction of the puzzle we face, to cushion any possibility of failure in the guise of “insurmountable odds”. Accepting failure as an option to begin with, inhibits the opportunities for reward that are already ours, but for the asking. Like so much of The Truth, receiving any benefit we haven’t fought tooth and nail for seems foreign to us, because we don’t understand how ethereal promises can be made and kept when weighed against what we “know” to expect from a given circumstance. If we have only to ask and it be done, it’s in the finding of no evidence of reward to the petitioned query that we unceremoniously dismiss it altogether. The possibility we simply don’t know how to compose the question properly would not occur to us, until our priorities began putting others ahead of ourselves. Part of The Truth that guides us so exactingly is the premise that we are not given any more than we are able to deal with. That applies to every activity and discourse, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, but in particular, The Truth Itself ! First of all, that prevents us from being inundated from too much sensory input and secondly, it is an integral piece of our supporting spiritual framework that mandates we not receive further enlightenment, until what we already have at our disposal is being used to everyone's fullest possible advantage. In other words, we don’t get any more, until we completely appreciate what we already have; i.e. giving and sharing without expectation (no strings attached). Then, once having advanced in faith far enough to actually be a font through which others needs are Divinely realized, can we rest assured of our own continued prosperity and feel confident enough to know, it is ours for the asking.

It should go without saying, but for all those who spend more time on the receiving side of supply, even a bona fide “answer to prayer” certainly isn’t a statement of any preferred status (we’re all equal in the eyes of the Supplier) or, for that matter, any guarantee that we won’t continue to act exactly as we always have, after all, a blessing could be just a coincidence. Our suspicions and established mind sets aren’t so easily fooled as to accept at face value any old mumbo jumbo that comes along, we’re smarter than that! Because the prerequisite is faith and the antagonist is ego’s “original instinct”, witnessing an act of Truth is one thing, letting it become a force to change the way we live is quite another.

It may be said of those who peruse the depths and symbolism in any one of the widely accepted instruction manuals used to achieve some understanding of their spirituality, that more than a few come away confused, zealous, or so adversarial as to proffer; their interpretation is the only right one and any who dare disagree are doomed to an imagined eternal torture! George Santayana said, not too inaccurately: “Fanaticism consists of redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim”. Some of course, grasp the intended, if heavily veiled Truths therein, but without the facilitation of one whose faith has advanced their surrender of will to acknowledge Divine Guidance, The Truth whose milieu is any one of those respected tomes, can be lost to the uninitiated. It’s under these conditions of self imposed oppression, doubt, ignorance, self serving agendas and not the least, impunity, that the vast majority of us choose to struggle, virtually unaware of the peace and prosperity afforded by Divine Guidance on our behalf. Inspite of our blindness, which includes having witnessed the wonders of Divine Truth so often we take them for granted, we eventually arrive at a place on our path where they finally bear meaning for us personally, and give us pause to ponder; why, if right in front of us the whole time, it took us so long to see them for the promises they really are? The Truth? We were not ready, willing or able to discern “ the forest for the trees” until Divinely Guided to the door whose vista offered that epiphany. The clarity associated with an illuminating revelation manifests only after our eyes of “in-sight” have grown accustomed to the Divine Light. The further along our path, the more adept we become at recognizing insight’s prompting, which in the beginning of our discernment often proves difficult to differentiate from our own free will choices. This was especially true when we were perfectly willing to take full credit for all challenges overcome, before we realized there was anything other than our singular effort involved. So even without our cognizant participation, insight is a channel for Divine Guidance. Not until our repeated experience reaches a “saturation point” regarding a specific lesson at hand, do we achieve any degree of awareness about its significance to us personally. That is the intent, after all, of reincarnating in the first place. It can’t be until much later on our path then, and usually on an innermost, individual basis, that our denial finally submits to the obvious; something more than personal skill and ingenuity is at work in our lives.

Until saturated with irrefutable evidence to the contrary though, which is true of our approach to most epiphanies, we continue to resist any notion of insightful “other worldly” prompting and consequently accepted the timely introduction of a clever, convenient and new “result-justifying” mind set; “luck”. As might be expected, its original connotation was negative and utilized when there was no one to blame for our own bad choices. Luck wasn’t popularized as positive until, or unless, our peers knew us well enough not to give credence to an unreasonable claim of responsibility, while not ready to entertain the possibility of Divine Guidance, for any accomplishment or good fortune. By the same token, the timing for this newest in a growing arsenal of excuses was impeccable because those who would wish to validate our varied and valued abilities as being only as effective as our acknowledgment of their source, were quick to point out that; if relied on, our belief in luck, good or bad, would prove to avail itself for only so long, before becoming dependent on it often enough to produce dire and desperate circumstances. To them, luck was neither a panacea or placebo. It was a “crutch” to support the additional “crip-pling” of our narrow, now luck-induced mind set, which in their view, closed other more productive doors, in the short term anyhow. It wasn’t such a stretch for them then , by way of their judgment of those so afflicted, to reveal the “error of our ways” in the form of what we’re doing to those around us by not accepting responsibility, by denying our despairing circumstances altogether, by wasting a lifetime of opportunities to grow, by allowing a lack of common sense to dictate choices that should be our own, and finally, making the necessary amends to adjust that behavior to suit their perspective. That’s not too much to ask, except, expectations of that sort, like luck itself, also fail to acknowledge the “given” that is Divine Guidance.

It is not by our hand or demand, but by God’s command, that determines the course our journey seeks. Insight is our spiritual link to eternity and when we obtain the maturity that allows us to discern the degree to which our personal choices are riddled with tribulations, compared that is, to how smoothly the yielding to divine insight manifests prosperity in our lives, it becomes immanently clearer how our imaginings have little or none of the foresight that underlies insight, and gives us pause to seek an advent to those ways that may bring about a more insightful, Truth revealing lifestyle. No one can do that for us nor incite us to that for them. It is, after all, through insight that the Truth is revealed to free us from the bondage of the carnal world, expediting our return to at-one-ment. Additionally, our advance or growth is calibrated by the overcoming of those obstacles we’ve chosen to put on our path according to the lessons appropriate during our next embodiment. That overcoming is predicated by the degree to which we surrender our will to The Divine Creator; GOD, to most of us.

It is from the very substance of The Creator that the physical universe was made manifest, even if at first, inanimate. The Love that is Divine Guidance, is GOD’s animating spark that has been serving our interests eternally. During each and every creation event, the manifesting “God Stuff” congeals into various elemental inorganic materials forming mineral support systems around which their own chemical reactions support the evolution of increasingly complex and varied physiochemical compounds, some of whose components receive the spark of animation, resulting in the demonstration of separateness, separateness connotes awareness (albeit extrasensory). From that, awareness was guided to self-preservation. Self-preservation became “the” original instinct. Original instinct, among other things, justified procreation. Procreation required cell division. Cell division, in time, became specialized enough to to result in multi-cell organisms. Multi-cell organisms eventually responded with gender. Gender created competition. Competition brought on combativeness and ruthlessness. Ruthless acts became domination. Dominance led to leaders and followers. Leader and follower was the prerequisite to pecking order. Pecking order prefaced the advent of ego. Ego IS SELF-awareness. Self-awareness insists on free will. Free will opens the flood gates to dreams, desires and emotions, all of which inspire imagination. Imagination is the door to the unseen. The unseen advocates wonder and fear. Wonder and fear instill awe. Awe translates into adoration, adoration may become idolatry, one of idolatry's strengths is promise. Promise is supported by reward, reward promotes hope, hope grows into faith. Faith sheds the Divine Light of insight onto revelations of Truth. The Truth enables our return to the “at-one-ment” of God, The Creator. That’s the path each of us are on. Where are you?

Making the most positive of assumptions; if we’ve gotten this far in our elucidation of this humble tome, let’s claim a position somewhere on the path where our eyes are adjusting to that Divine Light and insight is coming into focus. Again, allowing that to be the case, by assumption alone of course, see if we can choose to take yet another leap of faith and conceptualize that path in its entire scope, “beginning to end”, as if in its entirety it represents just a single event in an eternally recurring string of Creation episodes, serving the same Divine eternal purpose as the one before it did and as the next one will. By that analogy alone and with our faith to sustain us, we may at least consider as fact the reality of ongoing, or successive, chronologically measured, Creation phenomena. That is to say; the fabric of at-one-ment, the perfect consummate Being, represented as The Only Divine Creator––GOD––is being constantly reinforced by our return, at each path’s end, with the additional unconditional love whose renewal is the object of our physical quest.

If still unclear, it’s because there’s no means by which to convey, in terms the physical senses can grasp, what actually transpires in the realm of spirituality. Those of us who are ready to discern or have revealed to us a Truth, realize only after having witnessed a revelation, how intricately yet perfectly complete our guidance to that point had been. Unaware of our approach to a crossroad, where we encounter the influences serving to shed Divine Light on “in-sight”, we’re always amazed and awed despite our expectations and willingness to be ready for it. Seemingly, the most inspiring epiphany always has a penchant for visitation upon us when we least expect it. Accordingly, those who remain bewildered by a lack of expression in their lives, be faithfully patient, enlightenment proceeds at our pace, but not at our choosing. More accurately, our enlightenment is guided by events (spiritual, eternal etc.) that we have absolutely no control over or foreknowledge of, while in the physical world. Being “faithfully patient” suggests only to live, as best we can, in a way that exemplifies unconditional love in all we do; i.e., giving ourselves freely, humbly and without strings attached in the service of our specific anointing; knowing that by doing so we will be provided for and Truths will be revealed to us, as necessary, to encourage our continued growth in faith and love.

In order that the reader be allowed to come full circle in this too brief a synopsis of what is little more than one humble attempt to unify many, often diverse, belief systems that aver the Truth about our reason for being, we must focus not on their diversity but on their commonality. Everything written by their various prophets, authors and scribes throughout the ages, represented as the history they attribute to their people individually and collectively, often sound as if they contradict each other when actually they share many of the most sacred and holy elements of their ascribed “individual” doctrine. Their geographic location or chronologic ascension not withstanding, their analogies speak volumes toward the unifying end to the means by which varying cultures walk parallel paths back to their indivisible origins. “The names have been changed to protect the innocent” is more than a cliché when regarding the correlations in question. The innocent are not the prophets or indeed the Deities who share such similar allegorical scripts, yet whose names vary in accordance with the social customs found throughout their specific liturgies, but the “innocent” or childlike impressionable side of the targeted laity or follower who need to be impressed by a specific creed as the ONE and ONLY true way to live and believe. As we know, there’s nothing wrong with that “indoctrination” when the new believer or neophyte is first establishing the fertile ground in which to sow a seed, not just for a life long belief system, but for one that will grow into every advancement along their path eternally. The innocence of a child, where there’s no room for doubts, suspicions or judgments, is the correct posture for any believer’s attitude toward the acceptance of real faith. Focusing on all the elements of a single specific theology, with its intrinsic convoluted layering of lore, tradition and esoteric ritual––combined with its historic timeline––is challenge enough for the novice to grasp, but must be fully navigated at some point, before the concept of inclusion, which itself flies in the face of conservative orthodoxy everywhere, can even be broached. Need we remind ourselves that inclusion is at the heart of unconditional?

Commonly as well, it’s expected and entirely appropriate to take some measure of pride––at least before the significance of humility is appreciated or before the True Source of all, is given Its due––in the belief that the disseminating of revelations is performing an abiding service. Most sectarianism however, value “salvation” above all else, with apparent disregard for the fundamentals of “unconditional”, and take its pursuit to task by witnessing the salvation of “nonbelievers”. Any who listen long enough, we suppose, might find cause in their own life to change the way they’ve done things, perhaps for a very long time and for a very good reason, in order they might be led in a different, more positive direction, not to mention saving their soul in the process. This tact, of course, presupposes the “loss” of a soul and rejects the balance, not to mention the singular inclusiveness, inherent to the Divine Plan to which we are all heir. Those bent on the heaven / hell “scare tactic” scenario used to bring the earliest neophyte practitioners into the “fold”, are perpetuating the age old rituals, in lieu of True Faith, that have not been relevant since the “way showers” we now strive to emulate, manifested the Truth of God’s Unconditional Love in the physical. Actually, it’s not so much a perpetuation on their part, because as neophytes themselves this promise / reward approach to spirituality suits this juncture on their path, but only if its near term (in the eternal frame of reference “near term” can mean from one to many incarnations) outcome looks more auspicious than circumstances otherwise expected. Expectations however, know no patience and without a robust faith, change––even for the positive––can be short lived. A remote feeling like; “things just don’t add up”, is often the refrain that sets The Truth seeker on the newest stretch of their path and while respecting other’s rights to believe as they wish, wonder why that courtesy isn’t more widely observed, especially by those who otherwise believe we are all children of God. In any case, everyone eventually explores the depths of their own traditions, until their patiently maturing faith, no matter its roots, offers an awareness for the unanswered questions, contradictions and incompleteness that a genuine seeking of The Truth uncovers to their satisfaction, or dissatisfaction and in spite of the scrutinizing of a closely followed dogma, or the dogging of a closely following, but well intentioned, “witness”. The One God, universal at-one-ment, all encompassing and inclusive theological precept, is remarkably easy to grasp by the light of transcending enlightenment that insight affords real faith, even without the prevalence and comparison of obvious cross-cultural similarities, but only after going through and having overcome the limited perspective of carnality.

In the event any part of this hasn’t been made clear enough; the central focus of everything revealed herein thus far is The Path each of us take so that we, as individuals and of our own free will, may reclaim the collective unity we made every effort to move away from with the advent of ego. Clearly, this does not happen in the span of one “life-time”. Incarnate experiences, are Divinely laid out to be apportioned into each embodiment at a rate dictated by and concurrent with our free will choices. The span of time for each sojourn into the physical is brought to a close when either; its pre established goals have been completed or, on rare occasions, by the accumulative result of a series of unproductive personal choices, in which case those goals left unattended will be revisited at the very next opportunity. Usually, even the most abhorrent behavior is only the manifestation of some balancing process in Divine Judgment and not the violation or evil our narrow view would have us label it. The reasons for the natural conclusion of any embodiment remain the same, whether it be at ninety years or ninety minutes of age, no matter how untimely or how premature it may seem to those who “survive” and in particular, regardless of the means by which it is ended, or when and why it did. Having accomplished or overcome what ever challenge or message was set before us, we’re then “called home”, so that in our reparation and preparation we may take up the next task refreshed and restored, for going through the physical is very difficult for a spiritual being. Having said that, it should be understood that our incumbent physical encumbrance lasts no longer than necessary and will resist any and all unnatural attempts at extension.

Parts One, Two and Three have addressed, albeit somewhat briefly, what amounts to the; When, What and Why, of “going through” our path. The “When” of Part One provided us with an understanding of the roots of our individuality. Before we branched off the path of the collective group spirit, we were identified in terms of a pecking order, instead of a social association, bound by the behavioral characteristics shared by every other member of our species and more closely, the “troop” we were born into. By way of an accelerated time scale and broad brush strokes we bore witness to the affects an awakening ego had on creatures whose time had come to see “self” as separate from the rest. That was, of course, “when” we stepped onto the path that was ours alone, where choices and attitude were different than those of others who were, one by one, finding similar confusion in their own unfamiliarity to decision making and social interaction.

The “What” of Part Two further defines the scope, from the physical point of view, of our spiritual journey in so much as it attempts to compare the progress of early socialization, from personal interaction to changing our environment to suit us, with our spiritual growth and advancement along the path, including reincarnation’s role in linking eternity to carnality. Part Two further explores our need to seek resources beyond our own abilities as we come to realize, albeit very reluctantly, we don’t have all the answers. Our ever so gradual consideration to accept there may be forces who can be convinced to show favor on our circumstances, if properly appeased, represents our initiation to worship and evolution of faith.

The “Why” of Part Three serves to emphasize the importance of worship and emulating the principals of Truth in everything we say and do. It makes clear the goal of at-one-ment and all the reasons we should strive to grow in that direction. It tells us why attitudes, emotion and instinct are among the challenges that must be met and overcome before our quest for the Truth is fully realized. The Chapters of Part Three explain “Why” it is worth regaining our place in eternity, by examining what we have (need to give up), as opposed to what we should have (enlightenment). The “Why” of our reason for “being” could not have been more thoroughly emblazoned than with the repeated emphasis on our origins in GOD and the reaffirming of His Unconditional Love in and through us, as our path back to one-ness in Him.

Part Four will occupy itself with the “overcoming” by offering an extrapolation of the “why”, because it can only be with a full understanding of the reward, that we are willing to move in its direction. Once motivated to overcome challenges, there will be a reemphasis on the single most important and often overlooked aspect of “HOW ”! With that Truth in hand, we will be reminded of the tribulations that make it so difficult in putting it to work to everyone's advantage and our advancement. Having integrated that perfect Truth into our purpose and being, at-one-ment would be ours, except for the “key” that opens that innermost chamber, allowing this most precious of all Truths to manifest in the lives of all we come in contact with. The revelation of accepting this “key” to eternity, not only represents the full expression of that last omnipresent Truth, but our final and greatest sacrifice. We know when we embarked on this path, we know what every aspect of the path is, spiritually and physically, we know why it is necessary to embrace every opportunity for advancement along our path. The “How” of Part Four, although manifested by faith, is the fruition of that necessity that the final leg of our journey is ultimately dependent upon, the sacrifice of all we know and care for.

Here’s HOW!


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