"METAPHYSICS: A Branch of Philosophy That Deals With 'First Cause' and 'The Nature of Being'"



I am an observer. My purpose is to chronicle, not to interact. This requires a sense of detachment that removes or minimizes the possibility of my contaminating the course of interaction being witnessed. Involving myself in any situation I’m chronicling would influence its direction of development, the significance of which is widely misunderstood by any who aren’t aware of the role an observer plays in life’s proceedings. Even some who are “trained professionals” in the observation of human nature and behavior, may not be in a position to recognize an observer whose perspective is not so limited by time and physical parameters as theirs, consequently judging them as unproductive or lacking communication skills, when––by eternal standards of measure––judgment is not theirs, nor mine, to make. I struggle, as do many of us, not to pre-judge, so when acting in the role of the observer, I do not engage, I record.

The temptation to participate, to interact, to interject, is second nature. Suppressing that instinct may appear as indifference, when in fact the natural scheme of events is being allowed to proceed, to the mutual benefit of everyone under the umbrella of influence produced as a result of the exchange. Watching the various details develop between participants is essential in regards to understanding the tenor each has assumed for themselves, while mutually playing the roles of both teacher and student in the lesson at hand.

The clarity of every observation is limited by Time, because the entirety of its representation can not be wholly appreciated from within that frame of reference. It should go without saying, but all the turns on every path that have led each party to the current interaction they share, as well as the infinite repercussions that interaction creates, can not be documented by a single observer while in Time. It does serve to emphasize however, that those Time imposed limitations in no way diminishes the significant benefits everyone reaps as a result of their involvement in any given event, only the complete and accurate chronicling of it.

Time is unique to the physical world. Everything physical is changing, varying if you will, from what it was (in the past) to what it will be (in the future). Our point of reference or focus is the present or, the “Now”. The physical documentation of physical activities, is by necessity achieved in the “Now”. This extremely narrow perspective demands that the observer take nothing for granted and remain unbiased, regardless of the content of subject matter at hand, or the context in which it is witnessed. We can’t afford to assume anything. Our understanding of what’s going on around us depends on that. The only means of improving our comprehension of the observed––and thus our relating it to others (as you will find herein)––is to alter our personal perspective. Learning as much as possible about the events leading up to what is being witnessed in this “Now” affords the observer their clearest available understanding, not only to its documentation, but additionally, the possible directions all resulting consequences might consider attractive. Such projections, if based solely on physical evidence, are of little value given the infinite variables the physical world constantly entertains. Accuracy may be demonstrated though, through revelations whose origins are from a point outside the physical, in the timelessness of eternity where past, present and future are one! While in the physical experience however, such inspirations are fleeting, and their accuracy is invariably open to interpretation. As one observer, this is mine. I present it to you, the reader, to use or not, to what ever degree and purpose you will.